Harris Reed Ventures Into Jewellery With A Dreamy Missoma Collection For Everyone

Harris Reed Ventures Into Jewellery With A Dreamy Missoma Collection For Everyone

It was just a matter of time before Harry Styles-favourite and game-changing London designer Harris Reed included jewellery to his globe. The gender-fluid innovative, whose eye for opulence has actually caught the eye of Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, produces dynamic demi-couture that begs for more-is-more accessory. Reed’s mission– to produce gorgeous clothing that allow the user to be the most genuine and truest variation of themselves– harmonized Missoma, whose mantra is “jewelry for everybody”. The business’s one guideline for Harris? Dream large.

The 25-year-old brilliant stimulate, whose launching six-look collection fairly essentially blew the sector away in February, took his guiding concept of using his productions as devices for self-expression and also kept up it. The last eclectic edit integrates his cherished flea market ornaments and also wayward motivations– consisting of a ring his mom bought when she was expectant with Harris– right into a modern collection that has access at its core.

“Missoma is a brand that is about making fantastic top quality pieces you have forever,” explains Harris of why the collaboration was a no-brainer. “It is a brand that many people have in their jewellery box– a bit like MAC cosmetics [that Harris formerly teamed up with], it was something that I really felt had the gorgeous wings as well as legs to assist me rise into brand-new heights.” The support of Reed’s inner circle– consisting of the stylist Harry Lambert– and the Harris Reed client checklist, which includes Gen-Z It-girls and Missoma followers Kaia Gerber and also Kendall Jenner, also provided Harris the confidence to start thinking in golds and silvers.

The moodboard for the decadent items, which promise to be an excellent crossbreed of Harris’s maximalism and Missoma’s pared-back classics, was especially personal and also poignant. The first recommendation? A butterfly that inhabits both genders. “I assumed that was so attractive as well as something that I’m frequently defending,” Harris describes of obscuring the lines in between maleness and feminineness. “It’s a huge fuck off to everyone that wishes to place you in a box.” The second– a double head figure– is at the core of his brand name, as well as stands for “the suitable of duality; the man and women becoming one”.

The collection, which will span a selection of price factors, is readied to be unveiled in September. Harris really hopes customers will present the gothic-meets-romantic pieces as future antiques– much like his very own ring that’s rooted in special background. “They are tokens … that gift you provide somebody that’s continuously with you,” he muses. “I obviously like an attractive gown or a wonderful tuxedo jacket, but it’s not something you can put on day-to-day, even though … I do. Jewelry is simply that thing that you can always have on.” We’ll take the outfit and also the Harris Reed X Missoma.

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